Street Photography–London

London, Street Photography

Enjoyed a wonderful day out in London yesterday. Thought I might try my hand at Street Photography once again. Was it a success? I am not too sure about that. I am always worried about confrontation by those I try to shoot or those that end up in my frame. So I end up trying to take the shot without being noticed which translates into I shoot too quickly and do not pay attention to settings etc. Oh well we live and learn.

London Street Photography

I feel that this shot would have been better if the person in the van was looking toward the customer. By the time I got my camera up to my eye she had taken the order and started to prepare so lost that moment. Timing is the issue here.

London Street Photography

Noticed the couple walking into my frame so decided to include them in my shot. Composition could be better here.

London Street Photography

I think this is one of the better shots of the day. Exposure could have been better.

London Street Photography

This one I do like BUT I rushed the shot it probably could be improved if I had taken a moment to think.

London Street Photography London Street Photography

Happened upon a wedding photo shoot, couldn’t figure out where the photographer was positioned and I didn’t want to walk into the shot. So stopped and thought hey why not take a quick shot which once again I rushed and did not THINK about exposure etc. The photographer was just on the other side of the building. The image on the right I feel was one of my successes of the day although could have been improved upon if I had taken a moment to think about it I am sure.

I will continue to work on my Street Photography as I can only improve or I at least hope so.


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