Those Happy Little Accidents

Art, Flower Photography, Nature, Soft

When out shooting I rarely delete my shots. I usually wait until I am back home and loaded them onto the computer before I decide to delete. Sometimes I will know when an image will be blurry and just shoot it again without checking it on the camera. This usually happens when my lens will refocus as I am pressing the shutter release or if there if the wind picks up all of a sudden.

I like to call these out of focus, blurry images, not as sharp as they should be, happy little accidents. Because I usually like the blurry, soft effect.

All of these were shot yesterday when it was a bit windy.

 Floral Soft

I had focused on the flowers in the back but a little wind caused the flowers in front to move in front of my lens. I like the effect it made.

Flower in Square Crop

Another of those that the wind caused an issue. Creates a dreamy effect.

Acer Tree Leaves

The leaves of an Acer tree, which I find a fantastic subject all year round. This one is where my lens tried to refocus just as I pressed the button.


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