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I was looking through an old photography book the other day titled The Complete Photographer by Gus Wylie published in 1989. Within this book a found a few quotes that pretty much summed up my thoughts and feelings on photography.

Photography Quote - Amateur

The top quote is me and why I continue to go out with my camera and take pictures. I do not do it for money nor for any kind of praise. I do it because I LOVE IT!! I share my work because I like sharing it and if others like my work that is fantastic but if they don’t that is okay with me too.

Photography Quote - No Rules

I read a LOT of photography websites, books, magazines. These days mostly articles online and there are always items like, 7 things photographers are doing wrong or 12 rules photographers are breaking or something along those lines. To me there are no rules and if there is who made them up anyway. I shoot what I like and how I like and of course others may view my work and say that is utter and complete rubbish, well that is their opinion if I like it, I like it and to me that is all that matters.

Photography Quote

I recently replaced my D90 with a D7100. There was nothing wrong with my D90 but thought it was time for an upgrade and I have to say although the new camera didn’t make my photography any better it has however given me a better quality shots. I also use my phone at times and I have been quite pleased with the results I get from that too.

Just a few of my thoughts on the subject of photography.


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