Red Poppy

England, Flower Photography, Kew Gardens, London, Nature

I have always had problems with shooting the colour red. Not only red but some shades of purple, pink and yellow too. They never EVER look right always seem to be blown out for some reason. This usually means that I try and avoid shooting those colours, especially flowers as they seem to always look terrible no matter what I do.

However, I can NOT resist a poppy. They are too beautiful not too shoot. I do shoot in RAW and decided to have a good try at getting the reds to look correct. I used the Luminance slider in Lightroom to make local adjustments on these. I think I got near to perfect as I could.

Red Poppy Portrait Red Poppy Back

Red Poppy

This poppy was hidden behind a bench. It was so beautiful and I really wanted to take a shot.

Red Poppy Framed

Tried using the bench as a natural frame but the poppy was too tall and this was the best I could do.

Red Poppy Center

There was nothing left to do but put my lens up against the bench and shoot a close up.


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