21 Days Later

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It has been 21 days since my last post. No reason other than being busy. Photography wise I was busy preparing for and then attending and taking pictures at a family wedding. Which I would love to say was a huge success but alas it was not. Oh don’t get me wrong there are some ‘nice’ photos. Just not what I was hoping to deliver. I am still in the processing stage with them. Hoping to get those finished up this week. I am planning on writing a post about shooting a wedding and why it is really not for me so watch this space.

On another photography note. I have dug out my husbands old 35mm Minolta camera and I have got some old rolls of Kodak film which I loaded one into the camera and shot a roll of 12 exp. around home to get the feel for the old girl. Today I shall load it with a roll of 24 exp. and head out tomorrow and do some shooting. The results of this trial and error of film shooting will also be a future blog post. Of course this will be after I send them off for processing since I have no idea nor equipment to do them myself. Probably why I love digital shooting so much.

For now I am going to share some shots that have been waiting in the wings so to speak for the last 3 weeks. These were shot during my day wondering the streets of London.

Looking Down

I see so many wonderful images of stairs, either looking up or down. This is the best I could do. Shot inside Dr Johnson’s House. When I come across more stairs I shall try again.

Lincoln Inn building

I loved wondering around Lincoln’s Inn. I could really live here as it is such a beautiful place.

Old Square

On a wall at Lincoln’s Inn

 Savoy Psalm

The Savoy and a plaque in the grounds of Somerset House

Somerset House

Somerset House


Beautiful architecture and of course windows are another favourite subject to find and shoot.


One thought on “21 Days Later

  1. Sharon, your photographs are beautiful as usual. Monochrome is sometimes so much better than colour and in the architecture it shows the windows etc.. so clearly. Thank you. Jackie x


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