Street Photography–Windsor

Black and White, England, Monochrome, Photography, Street Photography, Windsor

Took along my camera with only 50mm lens attached to Windsor yesterday to practice more street photography. I had more fails then successes. I tried shooting without raising the camera to my eye  most of the time resulted in fails.

Here are the successes from the outing.

Street_Smokers The Fudge Seller

The two on the right had no idea I was taking a photo of them I have titled this one ‘the smokers’. The chap on the right posed for me and is the one and only person I interacted with. This one is titled ‘the fudge seller’, he entertained the public to entice them into the fudge shop. I have decided I must interact more with my subjects to get these kind of shots.

Street_Selfie_1 Street_Selfie_2

‘the selfies’, couldn’t resist these two shots. The family selfie is interesting. Guess those selfie sticks are getting around.

 Street_Shades_2 Street_Shades_1

‘in shades’, it was a beautiful sunny day.

Street_Cyclist_2 Street_Cyclist_1

‘the cylists’, these two were not together and was taken in different areas. I left these two in colour as I thought they worked well.

I am already looking forward to my next outing to the streets of somewhere in England, which is likely to be London, for more practice.


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