That Summer Slump

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It seems that every year I go through a slump with my photography during the summer months. I just never seem to want to get out and about with my camera. Which is sort of odd really since it is the weather tends to be good. I have tried recently to go out and shoot but not really pleased with the end result. I am now longing for Autumn and the changing of seasons some foggy/misty mornings etc etc.

During this time I start sorting through my Lightroom library and make the decision to delete or not to delete images. The ones I decide to keep I will start processing. What better way of sharing these random images than here on my blog.

Dog1 Dog2 Dog3

This dog was just sitting in the park as I was walked through. Made for a great subject. September, 2013


Beautiful building at Richmond Upon Thames. August, 2013


Such moody skies on this morning in November 2013. Richmond Upon Thames.


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