2015 Round Up

Animals, England, Nature, Photography, Wildlife

It is that time of year once again where I reflect back on the previous year and sort through my Lightroom library and clear out images that I never got around to deleting and/or processing. It also gives me a chance to revisit older shots and make the decision rather or not it is a keeper. If I decide it is a keeper I then process the image.

There is no better way of sharing these images that have lingered on the hard drive for many months than to publish them here to my blog. This is the first post of my yearly round up.

 2015 RoundUp_Goose 2015 RoundUp_Duck

You can just see the little goslings gathered under Mama. Mallard Duck surrounded by blossom petals.

2015 RoundUp_Bunny

A Hare. I do believe I have identified this correctly.

2015 RoundUp_Bird 2015 RoundUp_Herron

Just a bird and a heron.

2015 RoundUp_Peacock 2015 RoundUp_PeacockFeathers

Pretty as a Peacock.. which it is.

2015 RoundUp_Spider

Garden spider

2015 RoundUp_Squirrel_1 2015 RoundUp_Squirrel_2

Squirrel. I can never get enough of shooting squirrels.

2015 RoundUp_Robin_2

2015 RoundUp_Robin_1

Gorgeous little robin which posed for me.

I will be back again later this week  with more of my 2015 round up, after I get the work thing done.


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