Street Photography- Is This the Best I can Do?

Black and White, Chiswick, England, Monochrome, Photography, Street Photography

I wish I could really get this street photog thing down. I wish I had courage to ask people to take their photo. I feel that when I have my big Nikon around my neck people are looking at me like what is she going to do with that camera so therefore worry about taking photos. I find busier streets seem to work better for me. Such places as London, Windsor and even Richmond.

Since I had to go to Chiswick to return a camera wrist strap I purchased as it just didn’t work on my hands for which I exchanged it for a few rolls of film. As one does you take along the camera. Thought I would practice some street shots. This is the second time I have tried shooting the streets of Chiswick. Last time I came away with nothing. This time all I got were 3 shots… but were they even worth it… I don’t know.


I wanted to take his portrait.. I really did.. but when he saw me with my camera he kept covering his face with his hand. This I shot before he noticed me. I guess he wanted to be left alone.


The guy kind of reminded me of Colonel Sanders you know the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy.


He was just going about his own business.

I live to shoot another day.


11 thoughts on “Street Photography- Is This the Best I can Do?

  1. Street photography has its own pros and cons. Everyday is a new day for me when I am out there. It’s challanging and adventures at the same time. 🙂
    The photos you took is just lovely. Good Work.

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  2. Sharon, something I notice right away in all of these photos is how few people are around your intended subjects.
    What I used to do to get used to photographing people on the street, was to go to as many planned gatherings (street fairs, as you said, etc.). People who attend these almost expect to see people with cameras there. It’s easier to be less obvious, you’ll be able to get closer, and you will, over time feel comfortable enough to shoot in situations where there are less people, if you choose.
    Keep at it!!! It takes time.

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  3. As Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” Keep shooting, the more you shoot, the better you become; and the more your personal style starts to develop. Getting one or two good shots in a month is a fairly good result.

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  4. Hi Sharon, i very rarely ask to take people’s photos. You will find the more you do it the more confident you will become. A big smile to your subject after you hsve taken the shot can do wonders. Good luck and keep going.


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