Second Roll of Film Shot–And possible Problem

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I have had one issue with film I have shot in the used Nikon F80 camera that I purchased. On a roll of Kodak Portra 400 at a family gathering  half of the shots are either half or 3/4 black. There would be good shots before, between and after these shots.

The negative looks blank. A possible shutter issue? But, I am not sure. I have since shot a roll of black and white film that I will pick up on Friday to see if I have the same issue. If so guess I will have to figure out what is causing the problem. 

Now to the images I shot on my second roll of film. These are from scanned negatives and have pointed out in two of them an issue that I cannot figure out what happened. Scanned on Epson V500 using Epson scanning software with Digital Ice selected.

All of these were taken at Chiswick House. Shot using 50mm lens. Film was Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400.

Film Chiswick House

Film Chiswick House2 Film Chiswick House3

The image on the right had something on the negative. I removed a bit of it from the sky but left it on the pillar. Not on the print I received.

Film Chiswick House4

Film Chiswick House5

Green line appeared on the scanned negative. Not on the print that I received.

Film Chiswick House6


A Few from Today

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Windsor was super busy today. So many interesting people and scenes to take photos of that I could hardly keep up with it all. But fun it was.

I also learned something today. I set my camera to Monochrome, black and white. It was interesting to look at the back of the camera and see the results in black and white. I did wonder though if when I loaded them onto the computer if they would remain in black and white. You see I shoot in RAW, I have always shot RAW as I like to process my own photos. Lo and behold they did convert to colour so I had to do my usual black and white processing.

I also loaded a roll of black and white Ilford film into my F80 and took a few shots with that but I did not use the whole roll yet so those will have to wait until I finish the roll.

Here are just a few that I quickly picked out from todays outing.


He was looking at me until I put my camera up to take the shot then he looked down. Can’t win them all.


Lunch Time…Shot through the shop window


Pigeons are a nuisance but they do make for a great photo

Beating the Heat

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A walk along the River Thames where you can always find something interesting. Took along both my DSLR and the Nikon F80 for testing, film will be picked up tomorrow, hoping for something good from that roll of film. BUT more than likely nothing good.

Even the birds have found a way to beat the heat we have been experiencing this week.

Bird Beach


Bird Beach 2

People and Dogs

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As I was sorting through some of my recent shots that I have left behind after the first sort through, I must decide rather to keep or delete. As usual it is a tough decision. I then have to decide if it is worth processing and sharing. Again a tough decision for me. But then I realise this is my photography blog and what was the point in taking these shots if I left them to just sit on the hard drive.

I also know that I more than likely shoot more when out and about than I should do… but I just can’t help myself.  Life is interesting.

People and Dogs1 People and Dogs2

People and Dogs3

People and Dogs4

Shots are from walks along the River Thames, taken a couple of months ago and an outing to Guildford over the weekend. I just love walking around and shooting what catches my eye.

City Birds

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I took a walk with my camera the other day and I shot some flowers and stuff. It was a windy day, so the flower shots were not that successful, apart from a few.

When I take a walk with my camera I will shoot random things that catches my eye. Some work some don’t. There was one photo that I shot that I kept coming back to in Lightroom. When I keep returning to one photo from an outing I know it is a shot that I will post here on my blog. It might not be to everyone’s taste but I like it and it is my favourite shot of the day.

City Birds

If you ever walked the streets of London or Greater London for that matter, you will come across pigeons. Lots of them. This scene caught my eye.

2015 Round Up

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It is that time of year once again where I reflect back on the previous year and sort through my Lightroom library and clear out images that I never got around to deleting and/or processing. It also gives me a chance to revisit older shots and make the decision rather or not it is a keeper. If I decide it is a keeper I then process the image.

There is no better way of sharing these images that have lingered on the hard drive for many months than to publish them here to my blog. This is the first post of my yearly round up.

 2015 RoundUp_Goose 2015 RoundUp_Duck

You can just see the little goslings gathered under Mama. Mallard Duck surrounded by blossom petals.

2015 RoundUp_Bunny

A Hare. I do believe I have identified this correctly.

2015 RoundUp_Bird 2015 RoundUp_Herron

Just a bird and a heron.

2015 RoundUp_Peacock 2015 RoundUp_PeacockFeathers

Pretty as a Peacock.. which it is.

2015 RoundUp_Spider

Garden spider

2015 RoundUp_Squirrel_1 2015 RoundUp_Squirrel_2

Squirrel. I can never get enough of shooting squirrels.

2015 RoundUp_Robin_2

2015 RoundUp_Robin_1

Gorgeous little robin which posed for me.

I will be back again later this week  with more of my 2015 round up, after I get the work thing done.

That Summer Slump

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It seems that every year I go through a slump with my photography during the summer months. I just never seem to want to get out and about with my camera. Which is sort of odd really since it is the weather tends to be good. I have tried recently to go out and shoot but not really pleased with the end result. I am now longing for Autumn and the changing of seasons some foggy/misty mornings etc etc.

During this time I start sorting through my Lightroom library and make the decision to delete or not to delete images. The ones I decide to keep I will start processing. What better way of sharing these random images than here on my blog.

Dog1 Dog2 Dog3

This dog was just sitting in the park as I was walked through. Made for a great subject. September, 2013


Beautiful building at Richmond Upon Thames. August, 2013


Such moody skies on this morning in November 2013. Richmond Upon Thames.

The Squirrel

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Whenever I am out and about with my camera and come across squirrels I am always entertained by their antics. I find them to be curious but timid. They like to come up close to see if I have any food to share and, I like to believe, try to figure out what exactly I am doing.

This series of  photos were taken on different days and different places.

 Squirrel Posing Inquisitive Squirrel

They do like to pose for me, I think they would work for peanuts.

Squirrel on Tree Squirrel Peeking

They do try to hide and pretend I can’t see them.

Squirrel Scratch

And sometimes they just have to stop and scratch that itch.