Caught my Eye

Art, Black and White, England, Graffiti, Monochrome, Photography, Street Photography, Windsor

As I walk around with my camera there are often things that just pop out at me and catches my eye. These shots were taken yesterday as I walked around Windsor. I kept these in black and white as I shot them in the monochrome setting of my camera.

Stuff1 Stuff2

Written on a Tea Shop window and some art in the Entrance of a Tattoo shop

 Stuff4 Stuff3

Spotted in windows of homes.


Graffiti-Southbank skate park-London

Art, Graffiti, London, Street Photography

I have always wanted to take my camera along to this spot in London and do some shooting. I was hoping for some skaters to be about but since it was the middle of the week and in the morning it was to be expected that there would be no skaters.

Maybe I will get lucky next time around.

Skate Park London View 1

Skate Park London View 2

Skate Park London View 3

Skate Park London View 4