Been a While

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As is usual for me I get away from blogging about my photography and photography altogether. I have not been shooting much this year. I have shot some but not much and nothing that has thrilled me enough for sharing. Maybe I can get back into this game.

I got a new (used) lens at the weekend to take pictures at a Christening. It preformed very well at the Christening and I am now thinking of testing it out on the streets.

Thought I would just do a little post here today with a couple of shots from September 2016. Taken in London.

21 Sep 2016 21 Sep 2016_2


Random Shots Around London

Architecture, Black and White, England, Historic, London, Monochrome, Photography, Street Photography

I have no recent work to share. Life gets busy at times. Figured it was time to sort through some older work and found these in my London folder shot last month.

On another note last week I purchased a “used” Nikon F80. I proceeded to load a roll of film for testing. One shot fired… accidently rewound film while trying to figure out the settings on the camera… roll of film ruined… lesson learned.

I shall try once again this week to load a roll of film and shoot the whole roll this time to ensure the camera is in working order. I have two rolls of Ilford Black and White film waiting to use after I test a roll of colour film. Wish me luck.



RandomLondon3 RandomLondon5


Neglected Blog… Neglected Photography

Architecture, Black and White, England, Historic, London, London, Monochrome, Street Photography

I truly have neglected both my photography blog and my photography itself. I have gone out with my camera a few times this year and what I have shot has held no interest for me. I found no inspiration in the spring blossoms which is unusual, as I do love to shoot floral and nature.  I think I am tired of shooting the same old same old.

That is until I went to central London this week and walked from one part to another with my camera in tow. I am finding myself more and more drawn to street photography and shooting in the city. I usually come back with a few shots that I quite like. Add to that I am seem to be more drawn to black and white images.  There is just something about a black and white photo that speaks to me these days.

Here are the successes from my outing this week.

London Living

City Living

London Architecture 1

Beautiful buildings on one side of the street…

London Architecture 2

… and on the other side as well

London Coffee

Morning Coffee

London - Tate Britain Entrance

Entrance to Tate Britain

London Tourists 1

Tourist enjoying the city

London Tourists 2

21 Days Later

Architecture, Black and White, England, Historic, London, Monochrome, Photography

It has been 21 days since my last post. No reason other than being busy. Photography wise I was busy preparing for and then attending and taking pictures at a family wedding. Which I would love to say was a huge success but alas it was not. Oh don’t get me wrong there are some ‘nice’ photos. Just not what I was hoping to deliver. I am still in the processing stage with them. Hoping to get those finished up this week. I am planning on writing a post about shooting a wedding and why it is really not for me so watch this space.

On another photography note. I have dug out my husbands old 35mm Minolta camera and I have got some old rolls of Kodak film which I loaded one into the camera and shot a roll of 12 exp. around home to get the feel for the old girl. Today I shall load it with a roll of 24 exp. and head out tomorrow and do some shooting. The results of this trial and error of film shooting will also be a future blog post. Of course this will be after I send them off for processing since I have no idea nor equipment to do them myself. Probably why I love digital shooting so much.

For now I am going to share some shots that have been waiting in the wings so to speak for the last 3 weeks. These were shot during my day wondering the streets of London.

Looking Down

I see so many wonderful images of stairs, either looking up or down. This is the best I could do. Shot inside Dr Johnson’s House. When I come across more stairs I shall try again.

Lincoln Inn building

I loved wondering around Lincoln’s Inn. I could really live here as it is such a beautiful place.

Old Square

On a wall at Lincoln’s Inn

 Savoy Psalm

The Savoy and a plaque in the grounds of Somerset House

Somerset House

Somerset House


Beautiful architecture and of course windows are another favourite subject to find and shoot.


Architecture, Black and White, England, Historic, London, Monochrome, Photography

Continuing with my endeavour of cleaning up my Lightroom Library, still working on images shot so far this year, goodness knows when this task will be complete as I have not cleaned up my library for some time. If I come across images worth processing I am doing so if not they are deleted.

Here is a  series of shots from the 15th century vaulted undercroft of the chapel at Lincoln’s Inn. Shot earlier this month. These were keepers.

undercroft Lincol's Inn-1

undercroft Lincol's Inn-2 undercroft Lincol's Inn-3

undercroft Lincol's Inn-4

Red Poppy

England, Flower Photography, Kew Gardens, London, Nature

I have always had problems with shooting the colour red. Not only red but some shades of purple, pink and yellow too. They never EVER look right always seem to be blown out for some reason. This usually means that I try and avoid shooting those colours, especially flowers as they seem to always look terrible no matter what I do.

However, I can NOT resist a poppy. They are too beautiful not too shoot. I do shoot in RAW and decided to have a good try at getting the reds to look correct. I used the Luminance slider in Lightroom to make local adjustments on these. I think I got near to perfect as I could.

Red Poppy Portrait Red Poppy Back

Red Poppy

This poppy was hidden behind a bench. It was so beautiful and I really wanted to take a shot.

Red Poppy Framed

Tried using the bench as a natural frame but the poppy was too tall and this was the best I could do.

Red Poppy Center

There was nothing left to do but put my lens up against the bench and shoot a close up.