On the Streets with Mobile Phone

Black and White, Monochrome, PhoneTography, Street Photography, Windsor

A day out in Windsor. Shot with Samsung S8. Edited in Lightroom.







Windsor Castle and the Long Walk

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Over the years I have shot these same scenes in colour. But I do think these work very well in black and white. I had my DSLR set to monochrome black and white, shot raw, got colour on import, had to convert back to black and white in post processing.

WindsorCastle2 WindsorCastle1 



Streets of Windsor … Take 2

Black and White, Monochrome, Photography, Street Photography, Windsor

I suppose you can say one of my favourite places to practice the art of street photography is Windsor, Berkshire, England. Why!?! I can blend in as a tourist and no one will think twice of me pointing the camera their way. I hit up the streets of Windsor this week. This time though I used my 50mm and shot these at f3.2, except for one that was at f8. I think I will shoot more wide open in the future as I like the results.


WindsorStreettake2_1 WindsorStreettake2_2



For this little guy I asked the Mother’s permission and then asked him if I could take his picture. He was so adorable that I just had to take his picture.

On Display

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My photography bug has truly bitten and bitten hard where now I feel the urge to get out and about with my camera. However, the work life gets in the way of that. I am thankful for days off though and hoping to get out there and get to shooting.

Here are a few images, which I mostly shot in Windsor on Saturday. I found some window displays that were interesting as well as a shop full of “antiques”. Now I cannot say for certain if the whole shop of stuff was “antiques” or made to look like they are.

OnDisplay4 OnDisplay5



Antiques or not? You decide.

OnDisplay2 Hare on Display

The photo on the right was shot a few months ago decided to post it here as it fits the theme.

Streets of Windsor – People

Black and White, England, Monochrome, Photography, Street Photography, Windsor, Windsor

Visited Windsor yesterday and thought I my as well take the camera along to see what I could find interesting. Quite a lot actually. It was a heavy cloudy day so no sunlight to speak off and skies were dull.

From people to buildings to shop displays. For today I share the shots of people that made the cut.

Streets of Windsor_People

Tourists is what makes the world go round.

Streets of Windsor_People2

Looking at me with my camera, you bet I am taking a picture of you.

Streets of Windsor_People3 Streets of Windsor_People4

I love it when tourists pose for a picture gives me a chance to take a shot too… I was trying to take a shot of the buildings but these 3 got in the way so I left them there.

Streets of Windsor_People5

Saturday morning coffee

Phone Photos

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Hello to you all. I have not posted for a while and for that matter haven’t really been out shooting much with “the big” camera (DSLR). I tend to go through these stages from time to time, usually when I am waiting for a change in seasons, which is getting close now.

However, I have been shooting things with my lovely Samsung S5 phone. As it is (nearly) always with me and easy to take a shot of stuff and things that catch my eye. I process my phone shots using Snapseed and VSCO apps. I then share them via Instagram and I have also recently signed up for VSCO. I am not quite sure how the VSCO grid works really, but I do like the app and the filters available.

2015-08-15 02.11.47 1

A View from Windsor Farm Shop

2015-09-13 11.11.56 1

Boats on the River Thames near Laleham

2015-08-25 04.34.19 1 2015-09-13 09.04.38 1

Red Berries on a Rainy Day and St Paul’s Cathedral

2015-09-13 09.14.17 1

Woodland in Windsor Great Park

2015-09-13 11.42.21 1

Floral Display – Windsor, Berkshire, England


Moody Sky in the Evening


Setting Sun

IMG_20150829_150329 IMG_20150829_203824

Piano Keys – came across an old abandon piano during a walk and a quote I seen on a car

IMG_20150912_174643 IMG_20150910_191720

Shopping in Windsor and that famous view

IMG_20150820_180513 IMG_20150913_093219

Flowers and a horse in a field – you can just about see it.

Street Photography–Windsor

Black and White, England, Monochrome, Photography, Street Photography, Windsor

Took along my camera with only 50mm lens attached to Windsor yesterday to practice more street photography. I had more fails then successes. I tried shooting without raising the camera to my eye  most of the time resulted in fails.

Here are the successes from the outing.

Street_Smokers The Fudge Seller

The two on the right had no idea I was taking a photo of them I have titled this one ‘the smokers’. The chap on the right posed for me and is the one and only person I interacted with. This one is titled ‘the fudge seller’, he entertained the public to entice them into the fudge shop. I have decided I must interact more with my subjects to get these kind of shots.

Street_Selfie_1 Street_Selfie_2

‘the selfies’, couldn’t resist these two shots. The family selfie is interesting. Guess those selfie sticks are getting around.

 Street_Shades_2 Street_Shades_1

‘in shades’, it was a beautiful sunny day.

Street_Cyclist_2 Street_Cyclist_1

‘the cylists’, these two were not together and was taken in different areas. I left these two in colour as I thought they worked well.

I am already looking forward to my next outing to the streets of somewhere in England, which is likely to be London, for more practice.