Caught my Eye

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As I walk around with my camera there are often things that just pop out at me and catches my eye. These shots were taken yesterday as I walked around Windsor. I kept these in black and white as I shot them in the monochrome setting of my camera.

Stuff1 Stuff2

Written on a Tea Shop window and some art in the Entrance of a Tattoo shop

 Stuff4 Stuff3

Spotted in windows of homes.

A Few from Today

Animals, Black and White, England, Monochrome, Photography, Pigeons, Street Photography, Windsor

Windsor was super busy today. So many interesting people and scenes to take photos of that I could hardly keep up with it all. But fun it was.

I also learned something today. I set my camera to Monochrome, black and white. It was interesting to look at the back of the camera and see the results in black and white. I did wonder though if when I loaded them onto the computer if they would remain in black and white. You see I shoot in RAW, I have always shot RAW as I like to process my own photos. Lo and behold they did convert to colour so I had to do my usual black and white processing.

I also loaded a roll of black and white Ilford film into my F80 and took a few shots with that but I did not use the whole roll yet so those will have to wait until I finish the roll.

Here are just a few that I quickly picked out from todays outing.


He was looking at me until I put my camera up to take the shot then he looked down. Can’t win them all.


Lunch Time…Shot through the shop window


Pigeons are a nuisance but they do make for a great photo

Street Photography- Is This the Best I can Do?

Black and White, Chiswick, England, Monochrome, Photography, Street Photography

I wish I could really get this street photog thing down. I wish I had courage to ask people to take their photo. I feel that when I have my big Nikon around my neck people are looking at me like what is she going to do with that camera so therefore worry about taking photos. I find busier streets seem to work better for me. Such places as London, Windsor and even Richmond.

Since I had to go to Chiswick to return a camera wrist strap I purchased as it just didn’t work on my hands for which I exchanged it for a few rolls of film. As one does you take along the camera. Thought I would practice some street shots. This is the second time I have tried shooting the streets of Chiswick. Last time I came away with nothing. This time all I got were 3 shots… but were they even worth it… I don’t know.


I wanted to take his portrait.. I really did.. but when he saw me with my camera he kept covering his face with his hand. This I shot before he noticed me. I guess he wanted to be left alone.


The guy kind of reminded me of Colonel Sanders you know the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy.


He was just going about his own business.

I live to shoot another day.

Testing Nikon F80 35mm Film Camera

England, Film, Photography, River Thames

Picked up the prints of my test roll of film yesterday. Shot these to see if all was well with the camera, as I only have a 3 month guarantee. All seems to be in working order. Although I need to practice with film and learn the ins and outs a bit more.

These were shot with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400. I scanned the negative and the print. Each set has had the same Photoshop adjustments for comparison. The negative scan is on the top and the print scan underneath. The print size is 6×4.

Film Boats Negative

Film Boats Print

Film Riverside Negative

Film Riverside Print

Film Sunrise Negative

Film Sunrise Print