On the Streets with Mobile Phone

Black and White, Monochrome, PhoneTography, Street Photography, Windsor

A day out in Windsor. Shot with Samsung S8. Edited in Lightroom.







Been a While

Architecture, Black and White, England, Historic, London, Monochrome

As is usual for me I get away from blogging about my photography and photography altogether. I have not been shooting much this year. I have shot some but not much and nothing that has thrilled me enough for sharing. Maybe I can get back into this game.

I got a new (used) lens at the weekend to take pictures at a Christening. It preformed very well at the Christening and I am now thinking of testing it out on the streets.

Thought I would just do a little post here today with a couple of shots from September 2016. Taken in London.

21 Sep 2016 21 Sep 2016_2

21 Days Later

Architecture, Black and White, England, Historic, London, Monochrome, Photography

It has been 21 days since my last post. No reason other than being busy. Photography wise I was busy preparing for and then attending and taking pictures at a family wedding. Which I would love to say was a huge success but alas it was not. Oh don’t get me wrong there are some ‘nice’ photos. Just not what I was hoping to deliver. I am still in the processing stage with them. Hoping to get those finished up this week. I am planning on writing a post about shooting a wedding and why it is really not for me so watch this space.

On another photography note. I have dug out my husbands old 35mm Minolta camera and I have got some old rolls of Kodak film which I loaded one into the camera and shot a roll of 12 exp. around home to get the feel for the old girl. Today I shall load it with a roll of 24 exp. and head out tomorrow and do some shooting. The results of this trial and error of film shooting will also be a future blog post. Of course this will be after I send them off for processing since I have no idea nor equipment to do them myself. Probably why I love digital shooting so much.

For now I am going to share some shots that have been waiting in the wings so to speak for the last 3 weeks. These were shot during my day wondering the streets of London.

Looking Down

I see so many wonderful images of stairs, either looking up or down. This is the best I could do. Shot inside Dr Johnson’s House. When I come across more stairs I shall try again.

Lincoln Inn building

I loved wondering around Lincoln’s Inn. I could really live here as it is such a beautiful place.

Old Square

On a wall at Lincoln’s Inn

 Savoy Psalm

The Savoy and a plaque in the grounds of Somerset House

Somerset House

Somerset House


Beautiful architecture and of course windows are another favourite subject to find and shoot.