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Been a While

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As is usual for me I get away from blogging about my photography and photography altogether. I have not been shooting much this year. I have shot some but not much and nothing that has thrilled me enough for sharing. Maybe I can get back into this game.

I got a new (used) lens at the weekend to take pictures at a Christening. It preformed very well at the Christening and I am now thinking of testing it out on the streets.

Thought I would just do a little post here today with a couple of shots from September 2016. Taken in London.

21 Sep 2016 21 Sep 2016_2

Neglected Blog… Neglected Photography

Architecture, Black and White, England, Historic, London, London, Monochrome, Street Photography

I truly have neglected both my photography blog and my photography itself. I have gone out with my camera a few times this year and what I have shot has held no interest for me. I found no inspiration in the spring blossoms which is unusual, as I do love to shoot floral and nature.  I think I am tired of shooting the same old same old.

That is until I went to central London this week and walked from one part to another with my camera in tow. I am finding myself more and more drawn to street photography and shooting in the city. I usually come back with a few shots that I quite like. Add to that I am seem to be more drawn to black and white images.  There is just something about a black and white photo that speaks to me these days.

Here are the successes from my outing this week.

London Living

City Living

London Architecture 1

Beautiful buildings on one side of the street…

London Architecture 2

… and on the other side as well

London Coffee

Morning Coffee

London - Tate Britain Entrance

Entrance to Tate Britain

London Tourists 1

Tourist enjoying the city

London Tourists 2

Picture of the Day

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Headed out for a walk this morning along the River Thames at Richmond. Took my camera along too. Found some things worthy of pressing the shutter button, some of those worked some of those didn’t. This is my favourite of the day. I just love boats. Well shooting them not being inside them so much.


Point of View

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I like to find subjects that will make an interesting shot just by playing around with the point of view. These images are a great example of that idea.




All of these are details of a tree. Well some kind of knots, bumps or growth on a side of a tree. They were shot in portrait orientation and I rotated them during post processing.

Views of London

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Some more shots of my day out in Central London last week. These were shot as we walked along the River Thames toward Waterloo Bridge except for the last shot which I took on our walk back to Waterloo Station.

Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and London Eye

Classic London view: Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and even a bit of the London Eye

Victoria Embankment London

Looking across the river toward Victoria Embankment

Golden Jubilee Bridge Portrait

Golden Jubilee Bridge

Golden Jubilee Bridge Scene

Another view of Golden Jubilee Bridge

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

View from Waterloo Bridge

A view from Waterloo Bridge as we made our way back to the train station

More of London to come.