Good Morning Moon

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Looked out the window this morning and had to grab my camera. 

Good Morning Moon

On another note shooting this made me see just how dirty my sensor is… must find somewhere to get it cleaned.


Beating the Heat

Animals, birds, England, Nature, Photography, Pigeons, RichmondUponThames, River Thames, Wildlife

A walk along the River Thames where you can always find something interesting. Took along both my DSLR and the Nikon F80 for testing, film will be picked up tomorrow, hoping for something good from that roll of film. BUT more than likely nothing good.

Even the birds have found a way to beat the heat we have been experiencing this week.

Bird Beach


Bird Beach 2

Forget Me Not

Creative, England, Flower Photography, Macro, Nature, Photography, Soft

Still clearing out my files from 2015. What makes this worth while is it gets my photography juices flowing to where I can’t wait to get out with my camera and I am hoping to do that and very soon.

Flowers are by far my favourite things to shoot. There are also flowers I look forward to shooting each year and forget me not’s are one of those.

2015-ForgetMeNot_9 2015-ForgetMeNot_8

2015-ForgetMeNot_10 2015-ForgetMeNot_7


2015-ForgetMeNot_2 2015-ForgetMeNot 2015-ForgetMeNot_3

2015-ForgetMeNot_4 2015-ForgetMeNot_5